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 My experience as an international leader, veteran, mom and lawyer has prepared me to lead the 43rd District.

We can be the generation that ends homelessness and hunger, provides second chances and allows all people to live their best life.

Kentucky could be a model for the Nation: 

  • Public Education that is accessible, affordable, and amazing. Starting with better support of teachers. Every child in this Commonwealth deserves a quality education and the opportunity to make a difference as an adult. This includes tech, trade, certificate and university education being widely available.
  • Healthcare that is affordable for all families. This includes mental health services, that are easily available with no stigma.
  • Protecting, nurturing, and loving our children, the elderly, and our animals.
  • Veterans valued in Kentucky. Veterans who have sacrificed for our country must be supported, appreciated and integrated back into our communities.
  • Transforming our correctional and foster care systems to empower and prepare lives to be well-lived.
  • Protecting Workers. Kentuckians need a living wage and union protections. The pandemic has shown even more clearly that all workers are important and need to be paid fairly. 

Voting is the very foundation of this democracy.  

  • Our laws must allow for everyone to exercise their right to vote without impediment. This includes early voting, extended hours and other well researched initiatives, like no excuse absentee that have been effectively implemented in other states. Kentucky's election laws are some of the most restrictive in the entire country. Voting laws that discriminate against elders, poor and people of color were passed in the 2020 general assembly. We will need to be vigilant to make sure that all members of our communities have equal access to voting for November 2020 and beyond. I would advocate in the State House for fair and safe methods to increase participation in elections. 



Stevenson for Kentucky, Emalee Morley, Treasurer
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