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Passed Resolutions 

Resolution declaring the last day of February, the day connecting Black and Women's History month, as a day to honor Black women.


Legislative Work

Pamela Stevenson was elected to the Kentucky House of Representatives, and has been a warrior for working families not just in the 43 District but across the state.

In her 2-year tenure, Pamela has immersed herself in the business of change at the General Assembly. In 2022 alone, Pamela worked on 47 House Bills, voted on a Concurrent Resolution for Washington’ DC’s statehood and 6 Resolutions.


The highlights of her work included sponsorship of:

HB 11 to expand civil rights to include a prohibition against
discrimination because of sexual orientation and gender identity

HB instituting full-day kindergarten for all children;

HB 68 to extend voting hours for election;

HB 118 related the rights of disabled persons;

HB 209 declaring an emergency in order to create pay raises teachers, 1st responders, essential workers and medical workers;

HB 293 addressing criminal histories of job applicants;

HB 658 proposed an amendment to Section 145 of the Constitution of
Kentucky relating to persons entitled to vote

HB 696 creating tax credits for renters

Stevenson for Kentucky, Emalee Morley, Treasurer
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